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Tummala Inc. is not a fund. Instead, it is a holding company with a growing number of subsidiaries. Therefore, we invest in companies across various sectors and countries. While this may include serving as a general partner in various funds and syndications, Tummala Inc. itself is not a fund, but rather a parent company. When an investment is made, that company gets added to our portfolio of companies and becomes a Tummala company. 

Typically, we get notified of an investment opportunity, or we actively seek out the investment opportunity ourselves. Then, we work to get a deal done, and if the deal goes through with both teams at the table, we add our entrepreneurs to the Tummala Portal to have them work with their Tummala Team.

We are able to structure deals in a variety of ways whether they be debt or equity deals. We are often also able to work out creative deal structures across various asset classes. Ultimately, if there is a company we want to work with, we work with the team to find a financial structure that suits their situation and first their cap table.

Tummala Inc. is more than just a holding company that provides capital to our subsidiary companies. We pride ourselves on providing timely expertise and guidance when any of our companies are faced with the unique challenges that come with the terrain of running complex businesses. When you join Tummala Inc., you immediately gain the knowledge and experience of a team that has already faced many of the challenges that you will need to navigate. We are not only able to provide you with the right team for your needs but also connect you to the right people/resources within our community to get the guidance you will need to succeed. We are not only aligned with our entrepreneurs from a monetary perspective but also from a value-driven perspective.

Building a successful business is more than just having the most innovative technology or a great sales team. It requires a multitude of factors to work well together to set up the right environment for the fulfillment of your service/product. Having the right marketing and sales system in place to be able to properly describe what your business has to offer to the marketplace is key to succeeding and growing. Oftentimes, entrepreneurs come to us with already fully-formed ideas and a functioning business, but sometimes, we are approached with a mere idea and vague vision. Either way, we are able to place team members within companies whether it be on the board, at the executive level, or within any part of their company. Additionally, because of the number of subsidiary companies we have that provide a full suite of business services such as accounting/legal, HR services, marketing/sales, and any solution needed for a successful business, we are able to set up companies very efficiently. In fact, Tummala Advisors is able to help set up companies from A to Z with the Business In A Box Bundle no matter the country or industry with expertise stemming from our other portfolio companies as well as a potential investment garnered from Tummala Inc.

We are able to invest and help individuals at any stage in their business process. From idea formation to taking companies public, our team has the expertise to get involved at any stage of the company life cycle. Throughout the process, we are diligent and do a holistic review of the company, its leadership team, the financials, the overall market, and more to see if there is a good partnership fit.

Yes, we pride ourselves on being there for our companies no matter what time it may be. While some companies require us to take an extremely active day-to-day role, others may require less involvement due to the different needs of each company. In either case, we are constantly scheduling check-in calls and strategy calls to review the past and plan for the future.

Additionally, we are extremely responsive in the Tummala Portal, but our entrepreneurs also have direct access to our emails and phone numbers, allowing them to contact us whenever they need to. We truly do believe in the power of family and teamwork, and as such, foster an environment where our companies are never afraid to approach us with any question or concern. After our investment, we work out a structured plan to have meetings, but if anything ever comes up or our entrepreneurs simply want to talk, we are here for them. Whether it is helping our companies raise more capital or addressing an operational issue, we are here for it all because we have experienced it before and our job is not just to invest but to help them navigate these roadblocks and save valuable time and money.

Tummala Inc. is not a venture capital fund or traditional incubator such as Y Combinator. We like to treat all our companies with the same level of attention no matter the stage of business they are in, whether simply just an idea or an experienced company. That means we work hard to get each of our companies the unique things they need. This could be additional rounds of funding, strategic advice in the board room, or any other matter that could arise. In that sense, we have an application process similar to VC firms or incubators. Additionally, we provide advice and resources in a similar way. However, at the current moment, we do not have a structured program for start-up ventures like many incubators, but that is something our team is looking into for the future.

Team members are any workers employed by any of our companies or working with any of our companies in a longer-term capacity. This could be Board members, executives, independent contractors, freelancers, interns, or volunteers, in addition to all of our part-time and full-time contracted employees. We prefer to use the term “team member” for everyone to foster our company culture and belief that all individuals are instrumental in furthering our mission. It is important to note in most cases, however, that we do not consider external companies providing a service or individual contractors who are performing one-time or short-term tasks for a Tummala company to be a team member. Additionally, white labelers, resellers, partners, affiliates, and referrers are predominantly not considered team members. In this case, we use discretion on whether or not to provide these companies and individuals with team member or client access to the Tummala Portal. They will still most likely receive the Team Member Workbook though. Most white labelers, resellers, partners, affiliates, and referrers will simply receive client access to the Tummala Portal but with the Team Member Workbook. The same goes for companies and one-time service providers.

At Tummala Inc., we pride ourselves not only on the background of our team but also on the values that we hold. We truly do live by a code of ethics that drives our principled investing forward and allows us to see clearly in the often crowded arena of investing. Each member of our team brings valuable insight and experience in their respective disciplines, providing our companies with the ability to learn from individuals who they otherwise would not have had access to. Additionally, we understand that we are still constantly learning, and at Tummala Inc., we know how important it is to be a lifelong learner. If we do not know something, we will go out and find the resources necessary to do so. While we may be young, it is this youthful exuberance that allows us to have an optimistic view of the future, as we know that our generation will be key in shaping the world in the coming decades. This is more so clear by our dedication to service, as evidenced through the work with our partner 501(c)(3) non-profit, Tummala Foundation.

There is without a doubt a common thread through Tummala companies. It is a core ethos of ours to have companies that work together and build one another up. Because of this belief, often times we do have cross-promotions and bundle deals between companies. These promotions will be broadcast in Tummala Workbooks as well as the Tummala Portal for clients even from other companies to take advantage of special offers from a company they might not yet be a client of.

Yes, each company does receive access to the Tummala Portal, Tummala Workbook, and their Tummala Team. This is something that is common across Tummala companies. We like to provide each of our clients, team members, and companies with this level of organization. In the portal, we will be able to securely communicate, share files, have meetings, and more. Pinned at the top of each chat in the Tummala Portal is also a Tummala Workbook unique to the individual/team. There is a Tummala Team Member Workbook and a Tummala Client Workbook. Both these Workbooks help manage reminders, etiquette, and the overall day-to-day tasks. Finally, there is also your Tummala Team. Every team member will receive their Tummala Workplace Team, but then also each client will receive their Tummala Account Management Team. We also plan on providing Tummala Foundation Life Advising Teams through Tummala Foundation soon. If an individual is both a team member and a client, they will receive access to two separate logins for the Tummala Portal in addition to a Team Member Workbook and a Client Workbook and have their unique Tummala Team in each scenario. Additionally, it is important to note that the team members and clients of the companies we invest in can either get access to the Tummala Portal or get set up with Moxo depending on what solution is better for their needs. To learn more about these resources, visit our Quick Links in the footer of the website.

Tummala companies provide the opportunity for individuals and entities to send us business and be rewarded. This program is offered through Metro Affiliates. It is important to note that not all portfolio companies have all these options/tiers mentioned below, and some may not even have any.  With the White-Label option, we bill you, and you have the ability to upcharge your clients what you want or include the fees in your service offering. You will offer all the support and bill your clients, and we will provide all of the back-end fulfillment for the service/product. With the Resale option, we also bill you, and you have the ability to upcharge your clients what you want or include the fees in your service offering. We can help with the support and have the client join the Tummala Portal, but you will bill your clients, and we will provide all of the back-end fulfillment for the service/product. Visit the Quick Links in the footer of the Tummala Tax website to learn more about all of these options. There are three tiers when it comes to referring, the top-most tier being the Partners tier. Typically, to be accepted into the Partners tier, either you must apply and be accepted, or we must seek you out and offer the Partners tier to you. Often, this tier is reserved for professionally certified individuals in the field such as tax or finance professionals but can also be for special partnerships with strategic partners who can send a high volume of business our way. We can customize deal structures and rewards in this tier. This tier has greater rewards. A Tummala White Labeler, Reseller, or Partner can be an individual or entity who is aligned with the core vision and mission of Tummala Inc. and intends on progressing these values forward. Whether it is high-profile individuals or companies with large social reach or well-known names in a certain industry, in these types of relationships, often there is a higher-level partnership formed, one that helps not only from a monetary perspective for both parties but also from a branding standpoint. These partnerships are also quite common not only for Tummala Inc., but also for Tummala Foundation. Contact us at or for more information. The middle tier is the Affiliates tier and allows anyone to register. This tier is below the Partners tier but is meant for individuals looking to pursue sending business our way as a real money-making endeavor as well. The final tier is the Referrers tier, which is simply for individuals looking to refer their friends, family members, or acquaintances a few times. This tier will often give a small reward to the Referrer as well as a discount to the individual or entity they referred. This tier is more for individuals looking not to gain much monetary benefit but also more to give the person they referred something. 

Once you sign up for this program with one of our companies, you can immediately log in and get started. In addition in the Metro Affiliates portal, you will be able to see other Tummala companies that also offer this program and the relevant options and tiers, and you can sign up for the program for those companies as well. Remember that the Referrers and Affiliates tiers are open to anyone, but you must typically be granted access to the White-Label option, Resale option, and Partners tier, and you can apply inside of the portal or through the corresponding company website. Each option and tier provides access to the Tummala Portal, Tummala Workbook, and Tummala Team. To see if we offer this program and the relevant options and tiers, please visit each of our unique company’s websites, or to learn more, visit our Quick Links in the footer of the website.

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