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Tummala Partners

Tummala companies provide the opportunity for individuals and entities to send us business and be rewarded. This program is offered through Metro Affiliates. There are three tiers when it comes to referring, the top-most tier being the Partners tier. To be accepted into the Partners tier, either you must apply and be accepted, or we must seek you out and offer the Partners tier to you. Often, this tier is reserved for professionally certified individuals in the field such as tax or finance professionals but can also be for special partnerships with strategic partners who can send a high volume of business our way. We can customize deal structures and rewards in this tier. This tier has greater rewards. 

Additionally, a Tummala Partner can be an individual or entity who is aligned with the core vision and mission of Tummala Inc. and intends on progressing these values forward. Whether it is high-profile individuals or companies with large social reach or well-known names in a certain industry, in these types of relationships, often there is a higher-level partnership formed, one that helps not only from a monetary perspective for both parties but also from a branding standpoint. These partnerships are also quite common not only for Tummala Inc., but also for Tummala Foundation. Contact us at or for more information. (make these external links)

Once you sign up for this program with one of our companies, you can immediately log in and get started. In addition in the Metro Affiliates portal, you will be able to see other Tummala companies that also offer this program and the relevant tiers, and you can sign up for the program for those companies as well. Remember that the Referrers and Affiliates tiers are open to anyone, but you must typically be granted access to the Partners tier, and you can apply inside of the portal or through the corresponding company website. Each tier provides access to the Tummala Portal, Tummala Workbook, and Tummala Team. To see if we offer this program and the relevant tiers, please visit each of our unique company’s websites.