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Tummala Workbooks

Tummala Workbooks are an important part of how our internal team members and clients stay organized. In addition to all the companies we invest in, all their clients can have the opportunity to stay organized with our Workbooks. Once an individual signs into the Tummala Portal and gets invited to join a group, they will have their unique Tummala Workbook pinned to the top of that chat. This Workbook along with the Portal chat will serve as a central hub for organization (reminders, day-to-day tasks, additional notes) for team members and clients. Additionally, when new promotions or products/services are released, we will update team members and clients inside the Tummala Portal and Tummala Workbooks.

Tummala Team Member Workbook

Team members are any workers employed by any of our companies or working with any of our companies in a longer-term capacity. This could be Board members, executives, independent contractors, freelancers, interns, or volunteers, in addition to our part-time and full-time contracted employees. Partners, affiliates, referrers, third-party companies, and short-term contractors are predominantly not considered team members, but they will still mostly receive this workbook. Visit the FAQ section to learn more.

Tummala Client Workbook

If you are a client, this is the Workbook you will receive. Clients are the individuals, businesses, and governments we service. This is the Workbook that will help keep client interactions organized and also allow them to see their activity across all of our companies. Each Workbook will be pinned to the top of your Tummala Portal group chat with your Account Management Team. This allows for consistent clarity for both the client and the Tummala Team. Overall, this Workbook has proven to be an essential tool.

Tummala Foundation Workbook

The Tummala Foundation Workbook was established in concert with our belief in global Tummala Foundation Life Advising. We believe that every individual should have access to a dedicated Life Advising Team that helps them navigate the ups and downs of life. This Workbook is meant to help with the day-to-day of life and be a holistic solution alongside the Tummala Life Advising Team, which is there to help with mental and physical health in addition to helping with matters related to career, finances, and much more.

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